About Us

The EAA is a unique, private, non-profit 501(c)3 social service agency serving the residents of Suffield in times of need. We strive to improve the quality of life and develop the full potentials of our residents in need by maximizing all available public and private resources.

We administer social services for the Town. For many years, the EAA and the Town of Suffield both provided social services to residents of Suffield. In 2003, upon the retirement of the Town Social Worker, the Town and the EAA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) whereby, the EAA delivers social services to the residents of Suffield. The current MOU continues until 2022.

Annual Report

Emergency Aid Association Staff

Jo Dzioba

Josephine, “Jo” Dzioba: Jo was hired early in 2015 as the administrative assistant for the EAA. In addition to her administrative duties, Jo coordinates the Meals-On-Wheels Program. Jo began her affiliation with the EAA as a volunteer - assisting with meal delivery, the backpack program and soliciting donations for the food pantry.

Beth Sheridan

Beth Sheridan: Beth Sheridan was hired as a social service coordinator for the EAA in May 2007.  Previous to her employment with the EAA, Beth was employed as a social worker for West Mass Elder Care for 11 years.  Beth works part-time for the EAA and spearheads the Rental Rebate Program, The Connecticut Energy Assistance Program and the Friendly Visitor/Shopper Programs.

Patricia Beeman

Patricia Beeman, MSW: Patricia Beeman was hired as the Elder Outreach Coordinator in October 2004. Her role with the EAA has evolved over time and Pat now helps coordinate services for persons of all ages with diverse service needs. Pat is Suffield’s Municipal Agent for the Elderly. Prior to her employment with the EAA, Pat worked for the Y-House Supportive Housing in Torrington as a Supportive Service Coordinator.

Janet Frechette

Janet Frechette, MSW: Janet Frechette became the Executive Director of the EAA in 1999. Previously, Janet served as a social service case manager for the Town of Windsor. She held that position for 13 years. Janet has a master's degree from the University of Connecticut in Social Work administration.