Brief History

A brief history of the EAA: The story of the Emergency Aid Association began in 1903. At the suggestion of Dr. Philo W. Street, a group of Suffield women met to discuss how to secure medical equipment for patients who could not afford the cost. From this need the Emergency Aid Association was born.

History Composite

left to right: Dr. Philo Street, Nurse Ellen Qualey, First home of the Emergency Aid Association at the corner of Mountain Rd. and High St.

The first full-time nurse, hired in 1915, would use a bicycle to make house calls for medical, nursing, and maternity care. The newly-formed EAA soon gained Town-wide support: the following year a community fund drive enabled the Association to buy a car for the nurse to cover the Town’s forty-three square miles.

Over the past 110 years, the EAA has responded to the changing needs of its residents. Today, it continues as an integral provider of critical social services and enriched programming for the community. As we set our sights ahead, we are mindful of our mission: to meet health and social needs which positively affect the well-being of Suffield residents. We also honor those persons who, over a hundred years ago, acted on a vision that shaped and strengthened a community where all residents could grow and thrive.